Consumer Products

CRM for the consumer products industry

Manufacturers of consumer products are confronted with a series of challenges every day. As they do not generally sell directly to the end consumer, they need to find ways and means to market their products effectively via retail. Sales promotions are therefore an important part of day-to-day marketing activities. The fact that manufacturers and retail are always pursuing different interests does not make things any easier.

Furthermore, if companies in the consumer products industry wish to optimize their production and sales planning, need a wide range of information. This information generally needs to be provided by the sales teams and then stored in a central CRM system.

The benefits of CRM:

  • Transparent information between key account management, office staff and field staff

  • Transactions with retail are optimized

  • Efficient implementation of materials planning agreements

  • Marketing campaigns can be planned and executed with ease

  • Efficient appraisal of products (own products and those of competitors)

  • New products can be launched in little time

  • Great transparency for market and customer relations

  • Evaluation and analyzes of a brand’s market share and turnover, and brand awareness

In no other sector is there such a fine line between a top and a flop – stay on the successful side with ORBIS.

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