Manufacturing Industry

CRM for the Manufacturing Industry (Machinery and Plant Engineering)

The increasing pressure that globalization and competition are placing on the machinery and plant engineering sector makes developing long-term customer relationships particularly important. Companies need to ensure that priority is given customer benefit in all business decisions. Customer service is an area of particular importance. Manufacturers can set themselves apart from foreign competition and forge long-term customer relations by providing the right follow-up services after machinery has been delivered.

If a company wishes to further develop its products and services in line with customer requirements, however, it needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the customers and their market requirements. This information must be permanently available, in a transparent form. A comprehensive CRM system can be a great help here.

The benefits of CRM:

  • All employees have a uniform view of customers

  • Customer-focused sales and service organization

  • Straightforward management of customer equipment and replacement part orders

  • Comprehensive plant history

  • Product configuration, availability checks and pricing for simple and fast bid preparation

  • Improved planning and monitoring of sales projects

  • More efficient customer support

  • Cross-selling potential exploited

  • Reporting across all sales and marketing operations

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