Production planning

Backlog-free production planning

ORBIS planning tool

The ORBIS planning tool ensures optimal usage of resources and provides a robust and explainable schedule and order sequence. It allows for a backlog free planning of each individual manufacturing area, thus dramatically increasing the visibility into the order schedule. With the solution which is completely integrated into SAP ERP, orders are planned taking into consideration required and existing resources such as machinery, materials, personnel and tools. By storing and monitoring the delivery times, the system issues a warning early on in the case of an imminent delay. This enables different solution alternatives to be simulated and the best alternative to be implemented.

The solution is so easy to operate that the relevant users accept it very quickly. In a cockpit, all data relevant for the planning processes are centrally and clearly packaged; the functions themselves can be carried out swiftly thanks to short dialog response times.

The employees in production now know on a daily basis when and in what sequence the manufacturing orders are to be processed. Planned orders are immediately shown in the “allocation list”; however, unplanned orders from this or other manufacturing areas can also be found here. Up to now the required information had to be compiled in a time-consuming manner and by hand from the standard lists in the SAP order information system.

Further functionalities of the ORBIS planning tool:

  • Priority control
  • Heuristic and fully automated planning approaches for creating the production sequence
  • Target-actual comparisons of operational plan implementation
  • Alert generation

Uses and advantages:

  • High flexibility
  • Greater transparency and productivity in the production system
  • Easy handling, better throughput times
  • Quick response to actual events

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Manufacturing Execution by ORBIS


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