Product Development and Design

The foundation of good engineering is master data, and the changes it undergoes: materials, parts lists, drawings and how they are classified. This data must be available in the correct form and redundancy-free – not just in the design and development department, but across the entire company. To achieve this, an integration of CAD and PDM systems is needed. Changes made to interdependent product data need to be controlled and documented jointly. It is particularly important that ‘secure’ data are provided for the production process, based on the master data.

The management of data that is accumulated within the process is therefore fundamentally important. We can work with you to develop a customized status network and suitable approval strategies. We can support you in setting up the appropriate infrastructure where original files can be stored in a secure zone. Once this infrastructure has been fully implemented, the manufacture department can make information available across the entire company regarding any redlinings that were received during production. This exchange of information is particularly important in product development.

We can support companies that operate across several locations, that work together in virtual teams or that perform calls for tenders in setting up suitable e-business scenarios. The SAP PLM components cFolders can form the basis for this.

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