Preliminary Planning

Preliminary Planning

Standardizing flexibility

A focused deployment of manufacturing capacity, procurement of precise quantities to exact schedules and strict adherence to deadlines agreed with customers are all quality criteria of a supply chain that is fully under control. Preliminary planning is enormously important, not just in series production, but also for customized products and products with many variants. The reason for this is that, in our experience, functional preliminary planning forms the basis for all successful operations in sales and production.

How can the wide range of product features be summarized in a way that is appropriate for planning purposes?


It is important that aggregation levels are created, to increase transparency. Arranging products into simple product groups is often a great help.

Which locations should make arrangements and where will customer requests be referred to?


Specifying the stock management levels has a great influence on internal response times. From the storage of raw material at the beginning of the process chain and the buffering of assemblies, to the storage of end products, anything can happen ...

Which set of rules should be used to plan the company as a whole, and how will interventions for controlling purposes pan out?


A wide range of alternatives are possible here, from purely manual planning at aggregated product level to creating planning proposals on the system side on the basis of forecasts. The environment used to realize these alternatives could be SAP ERP, or the SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO).

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