A company’s success is dependent on the balance between external variant diversity and internal standardization. The challenge here is to intelligently coordinate an efficient project system (PS) with a production planning and control system (PP).

The main task performed by manufacturing staff is the execution of due manufacturing orders. They need tools that can indicatecurrent stock levelsand enable aprompt and rapid confirmation of the order. And this needs to be done via customized user interfaces. For this purpose, we have developed ORBIS MES, a user-friendly solution for the shopfloor level that is fully integrated into SAP.

Ensuring that the right materials are available in the right place for assembly at the right time requires anintegrated balance between project systems, production planning and warehouse management. optimize this process, from the generation of order picking tasks to the connection of automatic warehouse and conveying systems.

The basis of every weak-point analyzes and process optimization is the availability of the relevant production data, provided in the form of measurable key figures. With ORBIS iControl, ORBIS is providing a flexible analysis tool that allows potential for efficiency improvements and utilization maximization to be identified. With ORBIS iControl, you can receive the key figure systems that you need in your line of business.

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