ORBIS Engineering Cockpit

ORBIS Engineering Cockpit

The ORBIS Engineering Cockpit can offer efficient support in order execution within the SAP data model. It can help you to compile master data for specific customers and provide assistance for the integrated maintenance of order parts lists and order work schedules with multiple layers

The SAP variant configuration is naturally an integral part of this SAP ERP add-on. But even without variant configuration, the Engineering Cockpit offers considerable value:

  • Manual maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Even in the introductory stage, you can tell which substructures require reworking or checks.

  • Use similarcustomer-specific productsas a template and copy complete structures, substructures or even work schedules, with a simple ‘drag and drop’ procedure. This includes parts list components and feature evaluations.

  • Use parts list components for different material variants (storage types) for the maintenance ofcustomer-neutral dataor utilize their evaluations.

  • Decide duringwork schedule maintenancewhether you want to set up a new sales order work schedule or link to an existing schedule. Or leave this decision to the Engineering Cockpit.

  • Decide, together with your customers,which revision versionis to be manufactured, avoiding time-consuming queries and complaints later on.

ORBIS Engineering Cockpit at the glance:

  • Add-on for multi-layer parts list and work schedule maintenance
  • Fully integrated into SAP ERP
  • Transparency
  • Ergonomic design

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