Cut-Off Optimization

Improve your trimming with nesting systems and order combination

Interfaces between nesting systems and SAP ERP provide simple simulations of order combination functions. Integrating ORBIS and nesting systems does not only allow order and material numbers to be transferred. Dimensions and flexible geometric data can also be taken directly from SAP ERP to the cut-off optimization systems. Time-consuming drawing and recording is no longer necessary, which also reduces the potential for error.

Combination of SAP for Mill Products and nesting systems

Combining the functions enables technical and commercial optimization, as joint orders can be formed. If the individual production orders are transferred from SAP to the cut-off optimization system, they are combined according to production timeframe, thickness and density, quality etc. to form ‘nesting orders’. The optimal arrangement for the cut-outs on the available sheets and/or coils is found and the cutting plan is then automatically transferred to the CAM cutting/nibbling machine.

The nesting orders are automatically split up to form individual production orders for order confirmation in SAP ERP. This provides the foundation for correct cost distribution (set-up costs, processing times etc.) in the CO module.

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