Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM with ORBIS

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You’re being attacked from all sides by an ever-increasing flood of data, from all manner of data sources, key figures and systems.

What you want:

In spite of this chaos, you want to be able to access all the necessary information in full, accurately and in little time?

We can show you how:

With iControl, we can provide the perfect flexible solution

  • to collate and visualize data
  • to generation information and understanding
  • for precise analyzes and exact planning

All of the company’s stored information is systematically managed and made accessible, with no fuss. iControl’s great flexibility and comprehensive standardization make it suitable for companies of any size. The solution provides information for specialist departments and management beyond department boundaries, on the basis of data that is updated on a daily basis.

We have used our understanding of the specific business sectors that we have developed throughout 18 years of project work, our extensive process expertise and consistent optimization to create fully prepared, tried-and-tested data models for specific sectors that you can use in conjunction with iControl.

iControl integrated into Microsoft or SAP

Furthermore, iControl has been designed as a subprocess that can be integrated into a complete solution. It can, for example, be fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM consumer product solution and into SAP CRM Mobile Sales.

Click here for more information on iControl and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Click here for more information on iControl and SAP CRM Mobile Sales.

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