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Performant User Interfaces

Developed by our partner Mobisy GmbH, ORBIS offers the successful Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB) to bring mobility to SAP.

Using the SAP-certified add-on Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB), you are able to connect a variety of mobile devices (Scanners, iPads, Smartphones, PCs, forklift terminals, ...) to your SAP system. RFID and Voice-based solutions are just as easily connected to your SAP system.

Whether you use it to connect your RF devices with SAP's warehouse management system, to provide real time visibility on reports and order statuses to your sales force or whether you develop powerful shop floor control systems (like ORBIS' MES system) - it is likely that MSB is the right solution for you if you are looking for mobility with SAP.

Screens and transactions are developed only once and completely from within SAP using the MSB add-on and can be used immediately on all of your mobile devices. And that without any device specific adjustment.

With many templates from most of SAP ERP logistics modules to choose from it is easy to get started. For more specific needs, the graphical screen designer allows you to quickly develop easy to use screens for your very processes. It is is also a great way to simplify user interfaces.

Contact us to find out more about this powerful and easy to use solution to add mobility to your SAP system.

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