ORBIS Multi-Process Interface (ORBIS MPI) – highly efficient, fast, bi-directional

ORBIS MPI encapsulates manufacturer-specific device interfaces for the connection of technical devices, sensors and sub-systems of different manufacturers into the SAP system. ORBIS MPI communication uses the ORBIS Multi-Process Protocol (ORBIS MPP), which actively or passively communicates with the SAP system and transfers commands and data bi-directionally. Configuration takes place via the central SAP system.

Data integration with ORBIS MPI in three steps

Data from different machines and devices can be integrated with ORBIS MPI and transferred directly into the SAP system. The adaptation of the use of data in the SAP processes is performed in the programming language ABAP. Internal existing SAP know-how can be used to operate the solution, to customize it and to develop it according to requirements. Thanks to ORBIS MPI, there is no need for the time-consuming and costly creation and maintenance of interfaces or the acquisition of additional hardware.

Processes in "real-time" in the Smart Factory: ORBIS MPI

Example: ORBIS RFID Gateway

Another example for the ORBIS Multi-Process Interface is the RFID Gateway. With the modules provided by the ORBIS Multi-Process Interface, connection to SAP is easy to implement. Integration into SAP requires no programming. The solution is freely scalable and open for specific requirements.

Connected components:

  • Any type of RFID scanners can be used (Siemens, Sick, Feig, Deister, Brooks, Motorola, Turk)
  • I/O connection for scanning light barriers and switching of signals can be selected freely (RFID scanner, SPS, Web I/O)
  • The target system for messages from the RFID Gateway can be selected freely

Scope of functions:

  • Detects multiple RFID tags
  • Comes with direction detection
  • Can optionally be operated with two or four light barriers
  • Supports any hardware
  • Freely configurable
  • Optional specific analysis via script possible

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