Benefits for Production

Production Configuration with ORBIS: Reliable, Efficient, Inexpensive

It is not only the sales department that stands to gain from optimized variant handling with the ORBIS Configuration Suite(OCS). The variant configurator can also greatly reduce the workload for production and engineering and prevent errors at all stages of the production process. The necessary data for specific customer orders are compiled from orders that have been technically clarified. Extensive product and production knowledge has been stored in our configuration solution, ensuring that parts lists and work schedules can always be obtained with high process reliability.

Production data and knowledge are always closely linked to the production plants themselves. Nowadays, it is relatively common for the same products to be produced at several locations. This development represents a major challenge for variant management. Our modeling system can handle this challenge with ease.

Any number of plant-specific views and any amount of production information can be stored in one configuration model. OCS distributes the models in accordance with the allocations. Complex maintenance of several models including the critical master-data distribution is finally a thing of the past.

In addition to master data, ORBIS variant configuration also supports the processes that arise from globalization. When global processes are involved, support is needed for deciding where a customer request is to be produced. Which production plants are able to produce the customer request? Which plant can produce with the least expense? Questions of this type need to be answered as soon as possible, with 100% accuracy.

Production configurator highlights for production will be available shortly:

  • Configuration across all plants
  • Sourcing decisions based on feasibility and costs

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