SAP Product Lifecycle Management
Digital engineering: we have the turbo boost you need for your product lifecycle management
Get the right product-related data at the right time – with SAP Product Lifecycle Management solutions and the ERP system S/4HANA

Optimize your PLM processes with S/4HANA software

Put your product lifecycle management into turbo mode with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from SAP based on S/4HANA software. The SAP solution features new digital technology with a simplified data structure, meaning you can build up risk-resilient and sustainable business data faster and more efficiently.

With ORBIS as your SAP consultant, you can fully exploit the possibilities offered from the moment Product Lifecycle Management is implemented and deployed

Your advantages with SAP PLM

Project management

More effective project management

From initial idea generation, through design, development and manufacturing, all the way to maintenance and disposal, SAP PLM integrates various business processes across your organization to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of your product's lifecycle management.


Better collaboration

Integration with other SAP modules such as Supply Chain Management (SCM) allows information to be shared seamlessly between departments and functions within your organization.


Greater efficiency and effectiveness in terms of design and development

Real innovation: the seamless connection across product development, production, supply chain, and customer service, plus the sharing of information, improves efficiency and responsiveness throughout the entire product lifecycle.


Higher quality designs

Use the digital PLM solution to support design development and management processes in your company; understanding and managing the product structure is made easier and changes can be controlled more effectively with greater clarity.

What is PLM software?

New product development constitutes a valuable asset for your company. Maximize your success potential with our PLM strategy. New product lines as well as necessary change processes in product life cycles require a great deal of master data from throughout your company. Integrated use of PLM across all areas enables digital access to transparent, collected data at the touch of a button.

This form of product life cycle management is extremely efficient. And it also makes work easier on the sales and after-sales service side of things. The PLM functions ensure easier, more sustainable processing of customer-specific and product-related inquiries, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with ORBIS

Implementing PLM technology opens up enormous market potential for your business. We help you to exploit this potential. With experience in SAP process integration and product data management (PDM) going back to 1986, we are well aware of the obstacles involved and how to overcome them. One of the challenges that we address with our commercial and logistical knowledge is the manifestation of island landscapes. Our holistic approach enables us to significantly optimize your PLM processes.

SAP PLM integration

SAP PLM consulting – ORBIS provides support in these areas

Our consulting approach for implementing the PLM solution based on
S/4HANA is just as holistic as the system itself. This means greater efficiency, including in terms of costs. We draw on years of collective expertise in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, manufacturing, and automotive supplies. And that's what we specialize in!

As the graphic on the left shows, we integrate Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) into the entire system landscape. Other systems can also be connected, such as SAP Customer Experience, SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM), and SAP Business Analytics (BA).

Product data management: From parts list structuring and variant configuration to classification
Process integration: Lead times, format discontinuity, costs – we find opportunities for optimization
Project management: Step by step monitoring of project progress and fine tuning where necessary, e.g. in terms of quality, complaint and audit management
Service and after sales management: Planning and carrying out of technical service tasks and management of service-relevant product data
SAP PLM best practices

Relies on consulting services by ORBIS

Our holistic consulting approach to SAP PLM

Product lifecycle management needs to be just as efficient as the transformation of your Business Suite to S/4HANA. That’s why we focus on your specific business processes and provide you with solution-oriented support through all project phases – from concept creation and system introduction to lifecycle management implementation. And we share our knowledge in training sessions on SAP PLM and S/4HANA so that we can work with you and your employees to meet all challenges.  

As SAP ERP specialists, we get the most out of your business processes with SAP S/4HANA

Need your S/4HANA transformation to be quick and risk-free? This not only requires expertise in SAP but also in your relevant industry. We have both and specialize in the processes used by mid-size industrial businesses. In addition to SAP Product Lifecycle Management, this also includes the following SAP industry solutions:     

SAP Project Management

Plan, monitor and control your projects automatically and with fewer resources.

SAP Variant Configuration

Configure highly individualized products even quicker and easier than before.

SAP Finance & Controlling

Manage Finance and Controlling centrally via a shared database.

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