Smart Supply Chain Planning with SAP and ORBIS
Supply Chain Planning with SAP
Harness the potential of intelligent Supply Chain Planning with system support!

Integrating planning processes for smart Supply Chain Planning

Often, companies have little visibility into the operations of their entire supply chain and struggle with inconsistent planning processes. To overcome major challenges like these and to meet rising customer expectations, companies have to link all the processes and manage them holistically.
The solution is to implement, manage and control effective Supply Chain Management with system support.

What is Supply Chain Planning (SCP)?

SAP SCM, a Supply Chain Management system, is split into three modules: Planning, Execution and Coordination. Supply Chain Planning (“SCP”) is therefore a component of Supply Chain Management (“SCM”). Supply Chain Management (SCM) is generally used to integrate all your business activities – from sales and material requirements planning, to production planning and shipping to customers – into a single seamless process.

For more information and definitions, please refer to Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) with ORBIS. To learn more about the topic of Supply Chain Execution, see SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) – SAP’s strategic warehouse solution under SAP ERP / S/4HANA.

Digital Supply Chain Planning involves forecasting future demand, with the aim of reconciling supply and demand. In this context, the supply chain process takes into account the precise product planning procedure throughout the entire value chain up to the customer. This includes various processes such as supply, demand, production, distribution and sales planning. Benefit from end-to-end processes throughout the supply chain with Supply Chain Planning software from SAP!

SAP solutions for your Supply Chain Planning operations (SCM modules)

We have SAP’s cloud-based solutions with state-of-the-art functionalities and technologies!

The SAP applications for SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) and Supply Chain Planning (SCP) offer you sustainable support, enabling your business to grow and helping it on its journey to becoming a smart company! SAP also offers the extensions through the Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

The modules at a glance:

Supply Chain Planning with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)

Form the foundation of a good delivery service level with ideal stock levels. With the SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) software solution, you can efficiently control your business processes and therefore map your Supply Chain Planning in real time. SAP IBP is based on SAP HANA and, as a solution in the cloud, helps you holistically to optimize your supply chain. The cloud application offers numerous functions designed to forecast and control the planning process for end-to-end Supply Chain Planning in both quantities and values, in any granularity and dimension.

Detailed production planning with SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for Planning and Scheduling (formerly PP/DS)

Transform your customer and planned independent requirements into a feasible production plan that is consistent over multiple stages. Detailed production planning forms an integral part of SAP S/4HANA On-Premise. The integrated Manufacturing for Planning and Scheduling module rounds off the SCM platform and allows you to incorporate automated, feasible and backlog-free detailed planning into your production operations. The created, feasible production plan and schedule optimizes scarce resources in the company and communicates reliable statements to customers.

The advantages of digital planning tools for your company

  • Creation of better sales and demand plans, plus reconciliation of supply and demand
  • Inventory optimization and reduction in storage costs
  • Promotion of sustainable business growth and innovation
  • Increase in efficiency in procurement, production and distribution
  • Acceleration of order processing

Optimize your supply chain processes with ORBIS

Are you looking for a supply chain solution for your company, and would you like to incorporate simplified and integrated demand planning in a cloud system? Do you need total supply chain transparency in real time? Then enhance your supply chain’s effectiveness and efficiency within your company using new technologies and SAP’s software solutions – together with ORBIS as your partner.

We accompany you on your digital transformation journey in your company, and are keen to support you in the best possible way in terms of Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) with the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions. We assess the current state of your IT landscape and, together, we find the SAP system that best suits you. We also help you to expand internal expertise within your company by providing relevant information, webinars and webcasts.

Take advantage of the potential of SAP software for Supply Chain Management under SAP ERP / S/4HANA, and SAP IBP, and see for yourself that we’re experts when it comes to the cloud. With our many years of practical experience and expertise in logistics, cloud and SAP, we form the foundation for the best possible IT systems support along the entire supply chain.

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