Personnel Time Tracking with ORBIS MES

Personnel time tracking with ORBIS MES

Reduced effort, easy handling and clear interfaces

Variable work concepts and complex remuneration models are increasing further. Time tracking systems are used for payroll accounting, but overtime bonuses, bonuses for weekend and holiday work, night bonuses and shift bonuses as well as different collective agreements and working time accounts must be taken into account. The effort to collect and manage this data is growing.

The integrated data management of ORBIS MES not only combines the data from the Personnel Time Tracking, but also from operating data, performance efficiency determination and access control in the SAP master system. This reduces the workload for both reporting and billing considerably and prevents input errors. The Personnel Time Tracking module of ORBIS MES uses SAP HR master data. No further installation or separate maintenance of SAP information is necessary.

Core functions:

  • Complete integration in SAP HR
  • Capturing relevant time events (for example, clock-in, clock-out, etc.)
  • Support of automated identification procedures (e.g.: card registration, identity cards)
  • Subsequent processing and correction functions
  • Overviews of attendances and evaluations for time accounts
  • Use of existing confirmations from Production Data Collection, Machine Data Collection and quality for remuneration (avoidance of multiple entries).
Modules of ORBIS MES
Machine Data Collection
Machine Data Collection with ORBIS MES
Machine Data Collection

"Real-time" view of machine and system states and effective control of all production processes.

Monitoring and reporting

Transparency in production - exactly informed at all times and everywhere

Scheduling and sequence planning

Backlog-free planning of each individual production area and long-term increase in transparency in the order and schedule structure with the ORBIS planning tool.

Production Data Collection
Production Data Collection with ORBIS MES
Production Data Collection

Real-time view of all operating data and control of all production processes. Complete transparency as a basis for permanent optimization and objective cost control.

ORBIS Manufacturing Execution System (ORBIS MES)

Fully integrated in the SAP solution for digitalizing production

Maintenance and quality management
Easy maintenance with ORBIS MES
Maintenance and quality management

More efficiency and cost reduction - optimized downtimes and fault management, preventive maintenance, organization of machine data, measurement and test results.


High-performance and industry-standard user interfaces - platform-independent and on all common end devices.

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