ORBIS Packaging Cockpit

ORBIS Packaging Cockpit

Are you looking for an SAP-integrated solution to optimize your packing and shipping processes? The ORBIS Packaging Cockpit is the perfect solution. By considering all parties involved, our solution ensures a more efficient handling of your shipping and packaging processes. You will not only benefit from increased utilization, but also from higher productivity.

What does the ORBIS Packaging Cockpit offer?

The ORBIS Packaging Cockpit maps all relevant packaging activities of your company. The packing process is based on SAP Delivery documents. The display of special packing instructions, such as company-internal packing instructions, or the printing of relevant labels and shipping documents is possible, as well as controlling the loading process directly in SAP. With the function "Free Packing", delivery items or partial quantities can be assigned to individual packaging pieces and multi-level packing activities can be carried out as well.

Key features of the ORBIS Packaging Cockpit

To make your shipping activities more efficient, high visibility, speed, and user-friendly operations are required. Our packaging cockpit meets exactly these requirements. The following functions will optimize your packaging and shipping processes in the future:

  • Direct scale connection
    The weight data of the individual products are transferred immediately from the scale to SAP and stored with the respective packaging data
  • Packing station Administration
    The individual hardware of your pack station, such as delivery note printer, label printer, scales, etc., can be directly stored in SAP.
  • Direct connection of express service providers/forwarders
    The SAP XSI interface or WebServices, provided by ORBIS, can create a direct connection to your desired express service providers (such as UPS, DHL, DPD, FedEx, etc.). Routing data can be automatically determined and uploaded, label information can be stored, printed and packages can be tracked. This not only saves you time and resources, but also processing costs.
  • Integrated transport processing
    Transport is an extremely relevant element in your logistics chain. Whether incoming or outgoing goods: Effective transport processing is necessary for reliable scheduling and delivery. But transport costs also play a role and contribute to the competitiveness of your company. Integrate transportation into your process flow and create packaging activities specifically for it.
  • Printing of shipping documents
    All relevant documents such as delivery notes, invoices, or special package labels, can be printed by automatic triggering in the background by the respective process steps in the packaging cockpit.

The advantages of using the ORBIS Packaging Cockpit

Create continuous processes

You always have all relevant packaging and shipping steps in one view. This allows you to design all processes consistently, efficiently, and highly economically.

Reducing sources of error

The comprehensive overview also means that potential sources of error do not remain undetected and can be eliminated before the product is sent to the customer.

Traceability of every shipment

Through the direct integration of your forwarding agents and parcel service providers (CEP), tracking and tracing from within the solution is always guaranteed.

Increased customer satisfaction

With our packaging cockpit, both the delivery quality and reliability of your company increases, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Intuitive operation

Because of the intuitive, user-friendly interfaces of the ORBIS Packaging Cockpit, only a brief training is required for your employees to get them up to speed.

Increased flexibilty and faster process handling

The need of interacting with SAP system reduces to less than 10% if the usual system time when using the ORBIS packaging cockpit. This results in increased flexibility and faster handling of the packaging process.

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